Bartholomew Jacoby (James)

Bartholomew (James) Jacoby , Revolutionary Soldier, was born 1747 inSchuylkill County, Pennsylvania. He married in Pennsylvania 1770 with Katherine Mayer, born December 17, 1749. She was the daughter of Edigius Mayer. They resided first in Berks County, Pennsylvania. They had five children (all born in Berks County): John, Nov 1, 1771; Sofia, about 1780; Christianna (Anna), Oct 13, 1786; Peter, Sep 23, 1789; and Barbara, birthdate unknown, although in 1802 she married Simon Hook in Natchez, Adams County, Mississippi.

Bartholomew "Jacoby" served during the Revolutionary War signing the Oath of Allegiance before Justice Peter Spycker of Tulpehochen Township on May 29, 1778 (Berks Co. Records Vol. 1, Book K, page 29). The Jacoby name is recorded in the Berks County record and history books dating to the 1600s. It is not known where this Jacoby originated, although it is recorded that some Jacoby of German or Swiss origin arrived in Berks County in the 1600s.

In the Morman Church records, Bartholomew is listed with the last name Jacoby. In Mississippi, marriage record on Sofia's marriage to Jessie King January 18, 1801, listed Sofia's name as "Sofia James".

In 1799, "Jacoby" moved to West Virginia near the Ohio River. The next year he and his family made the trip by flat boat to Natchez, Mississippi. He was in Pike County from 1810 to 1824 when the family moved to Copiah County. They went to Yazoo County about 1833, and he died there about 1835.

Of their children, John died near Waldo, Ohio, April 1844. Christianna (Anna) married twice and died the wife of Thomas Rule, Holmes County, Mississippi April 19, 1853. Peter, was a young man when they arrived in Mississippi, and he helped his father operate a farm on the Boque Chitto River for a few years. He later became an ordained minister in the Methodist church in Mississippi. He died March 16, 1869 near Pickens, Yazoo County , Mississippi. Barbara Married Simon Hook in Natchez and her date of death is unknown.

Our Sofey, or Sofia, married (1st) June 17, 1800 to John McGinty one month after arriving Natchez. John was the owner of the boat on which they came down the river. One month later, he died, and on January 18, 1801, Sofia married Jessie King. These marriage records are on file and can be seen in the Adams County Courthouse records in Natchez.

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