Last Will and Testament of JOHN Doak McMILLEN

In the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred forty-four, I, John McMillen of the County of Lincoln and State of Tennessee, being of a sound mind and recollection do this day make this my Last Will and Testament.

FIRST I desire that my executors pay all my just debts. After that is done, I Will and Bequeath to the children of my daughter Elizabeth Parkes fifty dollars. Also to my Daughter Francis Davidson Robertson fifty dollars and to my son Doak's children one hundred dollars each to be used in schooling them. Also to my daughter Charlotte Hardin one hundred dollars and to my son William Brown fifty dollars and to my son John fifty dollars. Also to my son Constant Thomas fifty dollars and to my daughter Elzira Ann one hundred dollars and all my household and kitchen furniture, also my cow and calf, my stable horse known by the name of King Hiram, which equally belongs to Andrew C. Woods of Bedford County Tennessee and myself, I allow my half of him to be sold on a credit of twelve months. Also all the rent corn that I have coming for for the rent of land this year, also my part in a lot in Fayetteville, Lincoln County, I believe No. 14, the same that Soloman Gullit once owned and occupied. My interest is the same that Hiram Buchanan had in and to said town lot and the plantation contains 291 acres I wish sold on a credit of one, two and three years to be sold as soon as the law will allow my executors to do it and after all my just debts are paid and all the different sums I bequeathed to my children and grandchildren, If there be any money left from the sales of property, I allow it to be equally divided between my sons William Brown, John and Constant Thomas. It is also my will and desire and I do appoint William T. Ross and Woodruff Parkes my executors to this my Last Will and Testament where unto I set my hand and seal this 21st Day of August, the year above written. In the presence of John McMillen (seal) E. M. Ewing and W. A. Russell.