John (Jehu) Fletcher

Jehu was a private and a veteran of the War of 1812, and was at the Battle of New Orleans in 1815 as a member of Captain John K. Goff's Company of the 7th Regiment of the Louisiana Militia. He was mustered into service at the English farm below New Orleans, Louisiana on or about the month of November 1814. His records state when mustered in, he was 5'9" tall, weighed 160 pounds, had blue eyes, dark hair, and was brunette in complexion.

He made an application for Bounty Land under the Act of Congress September 25, 1850 and received a land warrent No. 41940 for 80 acres that he legally disposed.

November 13, 1872 Margaret (Glover) Fletcher, widow of Jehu, appeared before the Justice of the Peace to make a declaration for the purpose of obtaining the Bounty Money due her by reasons of the Services of the Soldier, Jehu Flethcer.

The witnesses who signed were:
George Fletcher
Henry C. Hodges
Margaret signed by making an X. Also signed by the Justice of the Peace, S. B. Thompson of St. Helena Parish, Louisiana.

February 21, 1873 Margaret Fletcher appeared before G. K. McCoy, Justice of the Peace declaring she was the widow of Jehu Fletcher. She had as wittnesses:
L. E. Lee, G. W. Mecer, John K. Scott and S. W. Miller all of St. Helena Parish, Louisiana.